Bill Isaac is recognized worldwide as a preeminent authority on bank regulation.

Newly appointed to the FDIC board Bill Isaac is greeted by President Carter in the White House

From right to left, Bill Isaac, Vice President Bush, Treasury Secretary Don Regan, Ed Callahan (regulator of the credit unions) and Dr. Martin Feldstein (Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors) meet in the Roosevelt Room in the White House in 1983

Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and Bill Isaac share a laugh at Bill's farewell party in the FDIC's dining room.

Vice President Bush and Bill Isaac say their “goodbyes” in the Vice President's office shortly before Bill departs from the FDIC.

President Reagan and Bill Isaac meet in the Oval Office in 1985 just before Bill leaves the FDIC. President Reagan offers his thanks for a job well done.


by Paul A. Volcker

“Senseless Panic” is a clarion call to action by Congress, by the regulatory agencies, by accounting standards setters, by rating agencies, and by banks themselves... there can be no question that [Bill Isaac's] sense of urgency is justified and his proposed policies need a thoughtful response.

Paul A. Volcker
- Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Chairman of President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board


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- Robert Pringle
Founder and Chairman of Central Banking publications, former Editor of The Banker magazine and former Executive Director of the Group of Thirty